Your Club…Your Future!

There are many challenges facing the club both on and off the field and one off our biggest challenges is the greater need for more people to get involved. Unfortunately, not enough members are moving into committee / officer roles within the club or helping out which is a sad statistic. This is a serious challenge and one that requires members to get up and do something.

However, much of a cliché it may sound, it is still an inescapable fact that PEOPLE are the main resource in any club. Without its members the club is nothing. It is how we respond to these challenges that will show our true character. I ask you…are you as members of club prepared to take up the challenge?

The club is OUR club and its future is OUR future. There are many things that we want to achieve, things we cannot do by ourselves, but it could happen if we WORK together as a TEAM. I cannot over emphasise that the level of active participation is the cornerstone of the club. You cannot be half in and half out. The bottom line is that the future of OUR CLUB is in OUR own hands, nobody else’s and as members we have an important role in driving and improving the performance of OUR club.

I want the message to be loud and clear for our upcoming Annual General Meeting which takes place on Thursday 28th November, the club needs new faces, we need new blood on board to bring forward new ideas, new committee members with energy, people with fresh thoughts, workers with different concepts and members with different viewpoints…BE THAT PERSON…GET INVOLVED.