TOP 4 JACKPOT now €14,400.00

The numbers drawn on Monday 1st October were 10, 17, 20 and 25. There was no jackpot winner of €14,300.00 and the following won €15 each :

Patrick Thompson, Newbliss

Cathal & Katie Sheridan, Rockcorry

Felix Granaghan, Rockcorry

John & Hannah Sherry, C/o. Maple Bar

Liz Carroll, Rockcorry

Tracey Connolly, Rockcorry

Brendan Rudden, Newbliss

Next week our jackpot will be amazing, an astonishing, a mind-blowing, €14,400.00 and the draw will take place in Fitzpatrick’s.

Thank you for supporting our top 4 lotto draw.