The Excitement is Building!!!

There is huge excitement building ahead of this weekend’s Monaghan Electrical intermediate football league final. It is wonderful to see the village come to life and the whole community is buzzing with enthusiasm and delight. The flags have been erected, the bunting, banners are in place and supporters are planning their weekend around the match and while all this is happening off the field the players must remain focused and concentrate on the task at hand for the showdown.

Sunday’s final against Doohamlet is certainly an intriguing match and is billed as the clash between the top two sides of the league. Its moments like this that is what it’s all about. This is why we play football. This is why you leave a nice warm open fire on a cold, wet, misery January night, the kind of night that would freeze the you know what of a brass monkey, to attend gruelling training sessions. This is why you make sacrifices throughout the year to attend hard football matches. Moments like these are special and while it’s great to be involved…..there is still a job to finish!

In high profile matches such as this there is always big emphasis on tactics and analysis of the team. While this will play a part, pure raw hunger, the desire to win and the never-say-die attitude will be the order of the day. It will be Man v Man, fifteen versus fifteen and will be a battle of epic proportions.

Hopefully the weather forecast will be kind so here’s hoping for a good game and I want to extend my best wishes to Jim, Cormac and all the players. Do the best you can lads and don’t leave anything behind you. You can do it….BELIEVE.

 Oh, one last thing….”DON’T LET THEM OUT EASY”!!!