Strength & Conditioning

Monaghan Development Officer Marty Corey has devised a Strength & Conditioning programme and it is currently being delivered to the Development Squads. Additionally it is being implemented to a number of secondary schools throughout the county.  

They are now ready to roll the programme out to our clubs in Monaghan. In order to do this, they have divided the county up into two regions and will deliver the programme over 2 nights in each region.

We are in the North Group so please note the following Dates / Times of the course.

 Tuesday 17th January @ 7:30pm – 9:30pm  in St Macartan’s Monaghan

Tuesday 24th January @ 7:30pm – 9:30pm  in St Macartan’s Monagghan

They are looking for each club to nominate a maximum of 3 volunteers. If possible these volunteers should have a keen interest in Strength & Conditioning and would be motivated to implement this programme within your club.

If you are interested can you please contact our youth officer Pascal Smyth before Friday 13th January @ 12 noon.