Sports Predictions 2012!

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a sports fan? Do you consider yourself a Mr. “I Know-it-all” about different sports? If so, then step up to the mark and prove it by answering 25 sports predictions for 2012? Either email or send a hardcopy of your answers to me along with your name & address and later on in the year we will see who the biggest sports fan is!!! All correct answers will get 10 points. Points will be allocated prorata on the questions where multiple answers are required. Make sure you carefully answer Question 25 correctly? Remember it’s a bit of fun so the best of luck.

  1. How many Irish trained winners will there be at the 2012 Cheltenham festival?
  2. Who will win the AIB All Ireland Club Football Championship in 2012?
  3. Who will win the AIB All Ireland Club Hurling Championship in 2012?
  4. Who will be the top Irish try scorer in the Six Nations competition?
  5. Who will win the 2012 Six-Nations?
  6. Who will win the Rugby Heineken Cup in 2012? 
  7. Who will win the 2012 US Masters at Augusta?
  8. Who will win the snooker World Championship in 2012?
  9. How many horses will finish the 2012 Aintree Grand National?
  10. What team will finish bottom of the Barclays Premiership?
  11. Who will be top scorer in the premiership 2011/2012 season?
  12. Who will win the premiership 2011/2012 season?
  13. Who will win the Coca Cola Championship?
  14. Who will win the 2012 Champions League?
  15. Who will win the 2012 FA Cup?
  16. Name the four provincial Football winners?
  17. Who will be the Munster Senior Hurling champions in 2012?
  18. Who will be Wimbeldon’s Men’s Single Champion in 2012?
  19. What will be the Nationality of the British Open Golf Champion in 2012?
  20. Who will win the 2012 All Ireland Football senior  title?
  21. Who will be the top scorer in the All Ireland Football championship in 2012?
  22. Who will win the All Ireland Hurling senior title in 2012?
  23. Who will be the top scorer in the All Ireland Hurling championship in 2012?
  24. Who will win the 2012 Formula One Drivers Championship?
  25. Who will win the Monaghan Intermediate Championship title in 2012?

Click on the link below to download questions in PDF format.

Sports Predictions 2012