Rockcorry 0-6 Corduff 0-13

Lions silence the Lambs!

Our senior team played Corduff in the McGuigan Builders intermediate football championship semi-final replay on Friday 16th September and on this occasion there was no debating who the better team was as we showed little resistance and played second fiddle to a slick and well-prepared Corduff side and suffered an embarrassing 0-6 to 0-13 defeat. While seven points separated the sides at the finish, Corduff were the superior outfit and in truth it should have and could have been a wider margin had they been more accurate in their point taking.

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to say when something like this happens and there are many different ways to look at the performance, or should I say lack of performance given by the team and our team management and after some consideration it reminded me of the lion and lamb metaphor. The lion symbolises Corduff, strong, fierce and full of determination and sadly the lamb represents us, sensitive, innocent and gentle and in this case the roar of the lions definitely drowned out the pathetic baaaaaaaa of the lambs as we got slaughtered by the ravenous lions.

If ever there was a time or an occasion to produce a top-class performance you would imagine a championship semi-final was it but we failed to live up to our abilities and once again we find ourselves exiting the championship after a very tame, uninspired and submissive display. Without a shadow of doubt Corduff deserved their victory and we congratulate them and wish them the best of luck in the final. They obviously did their homework from the drawn game and learned a lot more during the week as they were better organised, more motivated and exploited our weaknesses. We lacked intensity, we were lethargic and were second rate compared to Corduff who were full of run and ferocity. There was no excitement, there was no passion, there was no fire in our bellies and when you’re playing in a championship semi-final you were expecting to see a lot more fighting spirit.

It was a desperately disappointing performance and I’m not alone in my frustration, as a lot of supporters leaving Inniskeen spoke openly about the team selection and why certain positional changes weren’t made. I was always taught that if something was not working you got to fix it or replace it! It was pretty obvious the team had problems in certain areas but unfortunately changes were never made!

The way I see it lads, when life knocks you down you have two choices. You can stay down or get up! With a minimum of four games remaining in the league campaign and based on this performance we need to find another couple of gears if we are to keep pace with other teams and qualify for a top four position. I understand our next game is away to Corduff on Saturday 24th September at 5.00pm. The choice is yours lads, you can stay down or you could show some character and fight for that semi-final position. Which one will you choose?