Rockcorry 0-10 Emyvale 3-10

As the saying goes “you can only stretch an elastic band so far before it breaks” and likewise when our senior team played Emyvale this evening (Wednesday 7th May) in the Monaghan Electrical intermediate football league campaign our resources were stretched to their limits as injuries to key players namely team captain Niall McKeown, centre half back Keith Daly and mid-fielders Keelan Clerkin and Eoin Fitzpatrick left a huge hole in the team. As a result, we lost our way somewhat as we struggled to maintain our rhythm and were unable to match the pace, movement and intensity levels of our opponents and as fatigue set in Emyvale exploited our errors and cruised to a comfortable victory on a score-line Rockcorry 0-10 Emyvale 3-10. (full match report  to follow)