Oh, what a night…

Oh, what a night we had last night (Friday 27th April) at our Rock Country & Irish show. We were promised entertainment, we were promised fun and excitement. We were promised great songs being performed by great singers and boy, they did not disappoint. Weeks of preparation, hours of dedicated commitment from all the singers, musicians working hard behind the scenes all culminated in a FANTASTIC night of entertainment. Awesome!

The atmosphere on the night was amazing as thirteen very talented singers from the village and surrounding areas took part in our Rock Country & Irish night to perform their favourite Country & Western and traditional Irish ballads and they did so in tremendous style. Noel Hall was our Master of Ceremonies and he kept the crowd laughing and eased the nerves of the performers (though in my opinion all the singers looked completely at home, as if performing on stage was something they did every day of the week!!!).

First up on stage was Ollie McQuillan and he got the evening off to a great start with his performance of ‘Think of Me’.  Next to hit the stage was Annette Hillis and she gave us a smooth rendition of ’Nancy Myles’. Hughie Carroll gave us his version of ‘A Country Girl in Paris’ with Martina McDermott treating us to a ‘Cottage in the Country’. Next up on stage was Tracey Rooney who sang her favourite song ‘Carrickfergus’ and the ballad group consisting of Elaine Tate, Pat McCormick, Kelly Crowe, Brian McGill and Tracey Rooney belted out one of the Dubliners classics ‘The Ferryman’. Walter Brown then gave his delivery of ‘Isle of Innisfree’ and Fionnuala McQuillan thrilled us with a timeless Jeannie C Riley song entitled ‘Harper Valley PTA’. Cait Fleming blew us away when she sang ‘Galway Bay’ while Irene McCormick brought the roof down when she concluded the show with her performance of ‘Pick Me Up On Your Way Down’

I love music, I love all kinds of music and WOW, I enjoyed the show. The performances were blistering and the music was infectious and it penetrated your body and you just had to dance, clap and YEE-HAW along. The response from the crowd, who came from near and far including a couple who travelled from Spain, was amazing. Like me, they thoroughly enjoyed the show and were deeply appreciative of their efforts as they clapped, shouted and encouraged all the singers. “The best night’s craic I’ve had in a long time” was the general consenus from people leaving the show and congratulations to all involved.

I would like to pay special recognition to the main event organiser Ollie McQuillan who just could not have done more to make the night more enjoyable. Robert Brown the music director and producer who was instrumental in his leadership for producing the various backing tracks and giving advice to all the singers.  And of course to all the singers, Martina McDermott, Annette Hillis, Hughie Carroll, Cait Fleming, Irene McCormick, Fionnuala McQuillan, Pat McCormick, Elaine Tate, Kelly Crowe, Brian McGill, Patricia Treanor, Philip Clarke, Ollie McQuillan, Walter Brown and Tracey Rooney who all willingly put themselves forward in what was a marvellous night.

 A lot of work went into the night and the production of the CD and the fruits of those labours were very evident and you can buy a copy of the CD entitled “Rock Country & Irish, The Ultimate Collection” for a reasonable €10. So please contact any of the singers or send an email to rockcorrygaa@live.ie or send a text message to 086-1041165 with your details and we will send a copy to you as soon as possible.

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