Monaghan Under 10 Indoor Football Winter League 2014

An under 10 winter league programme will take place in Ballybay Recreational Centre commencing this Saturday 8th February between 10 – 2pm and will run for four consecutive weeks. John Elliot and Paul McCormick have agreed to look after the team and if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact either of them if you have any questions.

The League will be held at 3 different Venues;  times may vary

1. St Macs Monaghan –Saturday morning from 10 to 2

2. Ballybay Recreation Centre – Saturday morning from 10 to 2

3. Phoneix Centre Carrickmacross – Saturday morning from 11 to 3

Teams will consist of 5 aside plus 3 subs.

A club will only be allowed to enter a maximum of 3 teams at the one venue, if they have more than 3 teams they can be entered at a different venue.

9 and 10 year olds only, players born in 2005 and 2004. If a club needs 8 year olds to fullfill a team then they may do so but they must inform Colin Malone

The league will run for 4 weeks, commencing on Saturday 8th February and finishing on Saturday 1st March.

Each club is to pay an entry fee of €20 each. This will go towards the cost of the hire of the indoor facilities.

Playing rules;   -

They propose to play a game called “Total Indoor Gaelic” - 2 teams start, the 1st team to score stays on and the next team comes on straight away without the game stopping. When a team scores they must all touch their goals before they can retrieve  the  ball, also the team coming on must touch the opposite goals before they  try and retrieve the ball. The team that loses goes to the end of the line. Goals only and each win is worth 1 point, if a team wins 5 in a row they get a bonus point. In Week 2 a bonus point will be awarded for a goal with the weak foot. 1 hop, no solo, they will play 3 x 20 minute slots, giving teams a 5 minute break in between each slot. If a game is scoreless after 2 minutes both teams go off and the next 2 come on and start a new game. Only 1 adult allowed inside hall with each team, all other adults must watch from viewing area. Any indiscipline shown by players will result in the opposition receiving a penalty kick. All teams to wear club jerseys. Only incidental contact is allowed with a clear focus on the near hand tackle.  Any free must be taken by the person who was fouled with the opposition no closer than 2 meters.


From Week 2 on a league table will be on show at each venue.  If a team is too strong for the region they are playing in, with the approval of that club, they will recommend that the club move to a different venue.




Phoneix Centre Carrickmacross  




  Sat 8thFeb 11-00 to 3-00
  Sat 15th  Feb 11-00 to 3-00
  Sat 22nd  Feb 11-00 to 3-00
  Sat 1st March 11-00 to 3-00
Ballybay Recreation Centre  


  Sat 8thFeb 10-00 to 2-00
  Sat 15th  Feb 10-00 to 2-00
  Sat 22nd  Feb 10-00 to 2-00
  Sat 1st March 10-00 to 2-00
St Macartans Monaghan  




  Sat 8thFeb 10-00 to 2-00
  Sat 15th  Feb 10-00 to 2-00
  Sat 22nd  Feb 10-00 to 2-00
  Sat 1st March 10-00 to 2-00