As part of the GAA’s on-going commitment for player welfare they now advise that the most effective way to identify risk is for all players over the age of 14 to undergo cardiac screening on one occasion. It is also advised that this process be repeated before the age of 25. The club recently sought and received information concerning cardiac screening and the cost of the… medical is approximately €30-€35 per player/person which is excellent value for money and can be carried out on our own premises. The medical takes approximately 15 minutes per player / person and consists of the following tests:
1. Medical History Questionnaire
2. Height, weight, BMI
3. Blood pressure (both arms)
4. 12 lead resting ECG (heart tracing)
A cardiologist will review all the tests results and questionnaires and anyone that undergoes the screening will be sent a full report within 5-10 days of the screening. They will also assist with players/people who need referral or further investigation. The screening can be carried out on Saturdays or alternatively they can do it on a weekday evening if that suits. We assume and hope that all our players are healthy and fit but we don’t know what’s happening within our bodies! Sadly, too many players have lost their lives through SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) and I sincerely hope and wish that ALL our players will have the common sense and insight to take the time and have the cardiac screening test carried out.
I remember when Cormac McAnallen, who was in the prime of his career, died from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and with training and football matches getting so intense it could easily trigger SADS and the more people that are aware of it the better.
Lads, dont be the ‘big man’ and say you don’t need it or I feel fine. If screenings like this save lives then its worth it. Therefore, if any player or any person would like further information regarding the screening then please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself. If anyone is interested then please register for the screening by contacting myself, Michael Carroll on 086-1041165.