Juvenile Teams

One of the most important sections of our club is the juvenile section. We our committed to enable all players reach their full potential. We recognize that our future depends on retaining as many under age players as possible regardless of ability. As the cliché goes “winning isn’t everything, it’s the participation that counts” and the nurturing of young talent will always be the main aim of the club.

The club caters for boys aged six and over who want to learn the basic skills of football. Our aim is to ensure that all kids have fun to enable them gain confidence, to teach them the skills of the game to show them respect while allowing them to participate in a team environment and let them have excitement so that they can develop into good footballers over time.

If your child would like to learn the basic skills of football, have some fun and make new friends come along. Any parent that would be interested in helping out please come forward, help is always needed.

For more general enquiries please contact our Youth Officer Pascal Smyth or our Childrens Officer Colm McCormick.

Code of Best Practice

We all want the club to be known and respected throughout the county as a club that upholds the ideals of the Gaelic Athletic Association. We are reputed for high standards from our players, officials, mentors and spectators in terms of commitment and preparation, as well as the sporting attitude and behaviour which we show to those with whom our games bring us in contact. Every one within the club, committee members, team managers, underage coaches, players and club members should at all times show respect and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the club and the guidelines contained in our ‘Code of Best Practice’. 

We ALL have a duty to ensure that standards and our club’s reputation are maintained at the highest level. Gaelic games offer physical and mental challenges and by following the code of conduct, the enjoyment of players, mentors and supporters will be maintained.

To view a copy please click here :-Code of Best Practice for Youth & Parents

Garda Vetting

We our pleased to confirm the commencement of Garda Vetting in the club as we promote best practice in the recruitment and selection of persons to work with children and adults in the GAA. It is vital that any person i.e. coach, mentor, manager etc. within the club has completed the relevant Garda Vetting Form. In effect this means that any person working with teams on behalf of the club will be required to be vetted.

To view copies of the documents please click the links below:- 

Code of Behaviour

Good behaviour is essential for the effective promotion of GAA games within our club. This Code of Behaviour provides a just and reasonable system to ensure responsible behaviour and conduct from our young players, coaches, mentors, supporters, parents/guardians, referees and club officials. The club is responsible for ensuring a fair and efficient Code of Behaviour is applied and we want to be associated with promoting good practice and assisting those who promote and deliver our games to the highest possible standards. Therefore, we will be promoting this Code of Behaviour which complements the ISC Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport and addresses the appropriate levels of behaviour, practice and conduct required from everyone associated with the club.

To download a copy of the Code of Behaviour please click the following link : CODE OF BEHAVIOUR (3rd Edition)

This is the most recent edition and covers the following items:-

  • 1 – Introduction to the Code of Behaviour
  • 2 – Young Players
  • 3 – Coaches, Mentors & Trainers
  • 4 - Parents & Guardians
  • 5 – Supporters
  • 6 – Referees
  • 7 - The Club
  • 8 – How to deal with alleged breaches of the code