Juvenile Fixtures – Under 12 Finals Day

Before the day

  • Only team sheets taken from Servasport system are permitted.
  • For finals, players must wear the numbers as per the programme line-out given to the Juvenile PRO.
  • Please ensure that there is no jersey colour conflict prior to arriving at the venue.
  • If in doubt bring along both home and away kits.
  • Where a jersey clash occurs it is up to both clubs to play in their away kits, provided they do not also clash.
  • A coins toss sorts out all other issues with jersey clashes.
  • It is not acceptable for jerseys to be turned inside out and worn.
  • Please advise parents/spectators from your club that there is a €5 charge to come along and watch the matches.

On the day

  • Please arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the match.
  • Please use the designated dressing room
  • A warm up pitch is available for use; do not enter the main playing field until the previous match has ended.
  • All 9 and 11 a side matches will be played on the same size of pitch.
  • Length: 20m to 20m line
  • Width: Min 45m to Max 50m
  • The referee advises the clubs the numbers a side that the game will be played at.
  • Under 12 – 9 a side competition can be played at either 9 a side or 11 a side, depending on the numbers of players available to both sides. If both teams have a minimum 14 players then it will be played at 11 a side.
  • Team sheets must be clearly marked for the players starting the match.
  • Only 5 officials from each team are permitted to the enclosed playing area. This includes all water carriers and medical personnel.
  • A Respect handshake will take place before and after the match.Matches shall be of three periods of 20 minutes duration.
  1. One period will be deemed to be non-competitive. This is a compulsory period and must be played as part of the official fixture.
  2. No score is taken during the non-competitive period.
  3. For the Finals the non-competitive period is the 2nd period. Please ensure that the teams do not switch sides at the end of the 1st period as teams must play in opposite directions for each of the two competitive periods.
  4. The final score of the game is calculated at the end of the second competitive period.
  5. All substitutes not being used in the competitive game must be used in the non-competitive period.
  • A player in possession of the ball is allowed one solo & one hop or two solo’s and then must release the ball. If a player deliberately drops the ball to the ground once they have taken two touches, another player must touch the ball before the original player can touch the ball again.
  • Player fouled must take the free awarded. In the event of the player fouled being injured and unfit to continue, the substitute who replaces him takes the free.
  • Only the designated umpires should be at the goal line area. No mentors should are allowed behind the goals.
  • The side-line must be kept clear from encroachments and any abuse will be reported to the referee by the lines person.
  • Presentations will take place outside the main playing pitch in a designated area
  • Please let players and mentors know that the playing pitch will need to be cleared immediately after the final whistle and that they should make their way to the presentation area asap.
  • Medals will be available for the winning teams at the venue, so ensure that you delegate someone trustworthy within your club to collect them after presentations are completed.