Juvenile Competitions

The County Board are finishing the youth league structures and have outlined below possible start dates for juvenile competitions to allow clubs to start making plans.

U12 football- Div C,D,E,H Sat 16 March

U12 football- Div A,B,F,G Sat 30 March

Spring League Finals Sat 11 May

U14 football- Div 1,3 Sat 23 March

U14 football- Div 2,4,5 Sat 20 April

U14 football Feile- Tuesday 9 April

U16 football- Div 1,3 Thurs 4 April

U16 football- Div 2,4 Thurs 2 May

U12 hurling- Div 1 Monday 24 June

U14 hurling- Div 1 Monday 25 March

U14 hurling feile- Monday 8 April

U16 hurling- Div 1 Monday 24 June