It Could Be Yoooooooou!

Close your eyes, relax both your body and mind. Imagine walking over sand, heading towards the beach. Imagine slipping off your shoes and feeling the warm comfortable temperature of the sand. Notice how smooth the sand feels between your toes. As you walk towards the ocean, imagine looking out over the water, looking out towards the horizon. Notice the different colors of the water, the light blues and dark blues of the ocean. Watch the water come into shore, and go back out again. You can also look up into the sky, noticing how many clouds there are, and if they’re fluffy. As you reach near the water, imagine laying out on a deck-chair on the sand and sitting down.

Notice the comfortable warmth of the sun on your face and shoulders. Imagine picking up some sand in your hands and letting it drift through your fingers, noticing how smooth it is. You can again look out over the water and watch the waves come in and go out … come in and go out. Now imagine lying down on the deck-chair and closing your eyes. Notice what sounds you hear … perhaps some seagulls calling … perhaps some children playing off in the distance. Listen to the water as the waves come in and go out. Then imagine sitting up again, looking out over the ocean, and then standing up and walking back away from the shore saying to yourself “Thank God for Rockcorry GAA Top 4 Lotto”!

It Could be Yoooooooooooooooooooou.