Irish Heart Foundation – Charity Trek

Namaste everyone, I’m back after completing my charity trek for the Irish Heart Foundation and first off all I would like to thank Ann Carroll and Aindi Dempsey who took care of the PRO duties while I was away, thanks ladies.

Over the last three weeks I found myself muttering and groaning the well-known catchphrase made famous by Danny Glover’s character in the Lethal Weapon films “I’m getting too old for this sh*t”. Before the trek I expected it to be physically hard and demanding and boy it was really, really tough with altitude being the main problem with the level of oxygen being only 50% of that at sea level and as a result breathing became very difficult and I also suffered from unbelievable headaches that made me feel light-headed, dizzy and in a way zombie like!

However, that said, it was tough but very rewarding and my mood and spirit was always positive and with aching muscles I slowly managed, inch by inch, to achieve my goal and reach the base camp of the highest mountain in the world – Everest Base Camp. It was a truly an amazing experience and once again I would like to acknowledge and express my gratitude to the many companies & friends for their overwhelming warmth and generosity through-out the year and thank them once again for their kindness and support during my fund raising campaign for the Irish Heart Foundation. P.S. I have one pair of trekking boots for sale…going very,very,very cheap!!!