Irish Cancer Society

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month or so you should be very familiar with the ‘NMS’ which simply translates to “No Makeup Selfie” where ladies take pictures of themselves without makeup and post onto a social media site. The NMS nomination campaign has taken the country by storm and has raised a significant amount of money for the Irish Cancer Society.

I know feelings have been divided and whether your opinion is for or against this craze you can’t but agree that the campaign has captured the imagination of the public and has definitely raised awareness of Cancer and has helped raise money for research through donations which in my opinion can only be a very positive thing.

While ladies have been posting NMS and going ‘all natural’ the men have hijacked the trend and have decided to get involved by posting pictures of themselves with makeup plastered on! When I attended training this evening (Friday 4th April) I was overrun by the lads dressed up in drag as some went the whole way wearing dresses, mascara, lip-stick and wigs while others obviously wore customs from a Halloween party but I have to say all their efforts were commendable and well done to everyone for taking part.

On a positive note, I can only hope that these photographs can inspire others and other GAA clubs either within the county and or country to do their own bit of charitable work and raise more money for this worthy cause. If people would like to make a donation towards the Irish Cancer Society you can simply text “PINK” or “DAFF” to 50300 and donate €4 or alternatively please “like” this article and for every “like” the club will make a special donation towards the Irish Cancer Society.

So get liking and sharing!!!

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