Happy Father’s Day

Today is a very special day because today is a day to honour and celebrate your dad for everything that he has ever done for you because it’s Father’s Day. Some Mother’s would say that it’s Father’s day every single day of the week, and maybe that is true, but I don’t want to get drawn into that argument! Anyway, moving swiftly on, you shouldn’t need a special day to tell your Father how much you love him so don’t waste the opportunity and go and give your dad the perfect gift and give him a hug and make him feel special and wish him a very Happy Father’s Day.

Also, please spare a thought and a prayer for those families who sadly today is an empty day but I imagine, if you’re like me, it holds a legacy of laughter, love and many wonderful memories, so all I can say is cherish the good times, relish the years you enjoyed with him and share all the lovely & magical stories about your dad.

To all the wonderful dads in the village I hope you all have a great and enjoyable day.