Hall of Fame Award (2011)

The Hall of Fame award is presented each year to a person singled out for lifelong dedication to the club. It recognises those members who have distinguished themselves over the years and is considered our most prestigious honour.  This year we paid tribute to the latest inductee, the popular and well-known, Mickey Friary.

club chairman Jimmy McGeough presents the Hall of Fame award to Mickey Friary (centre). Also in photograph is John Connolly representing Monaghan County Board.

Mickey has been a lifelong member and has supported the club religiously through thick and thin. His involvement with the club began during the early seventies and while he never graced the playing field he has made a significant contribution towards the club and is a worthy recipient.

The older generation will recall his work looking after the team kit and other bits and pieces. Ask anyone with memories and they will recall Mickey carrying his suitcase of jersey’s in one hand while carrying a bag of football’s over his shoulder in the other. He was constantly there after games collecting the jersey’s and for making sure everything was accounted for.

Moving on he took on the task that few would consider and many others expressed an unwillingness to do and that was collecting money at the gate. It was here that he demonstrated an excellent skill to marshall the turnstiles, or back in the Dartrey days the old metal barrel and it was always said that it would be easier to break-in to Mountjoy prison than to slip past Mickey during his watch!

When Gerry Cleary sadly passed away, Mickey threw himself body and soul into fund raising and over the years he has worked tirelessly selling our Top 4 lotto tickets. It is no coincidence that during this time Mickey discovered his true calling. With his ‘insistent’ approach and assertive nature it was inevitable that he would become one of our best sellers and considering the economic climate we now find ourselves, it’s a fitting time to recognise the immense financial contribution he has made towards the club.

Mickey is an amazing man, a great character and has been a loyal servant to the club for the past four decades and he fully deserves the Hall of Fame award. I have no doubt that he will continue to play an influential role within the club in the years ahead and I would like to wish Mickey and his wife Sheila a healthy and a happy future.

Thank you Mickey.