Fancy Dress Football Match

Our fancy dress football match was simply pure class and despite the miserable weather conditions and all the doom and gloom surrounding the country’s financial woes one thing proved right that laughter is still the best medicine and the ultimate feel-good factor. The therapeutic benefits of laughter are limitless and last Saturday evening the spectators had plenty of chuckles and good ol’ belly laughs as local lads and lassies left their ordinary playing jerseys and togs in the gear bag and got kitted out in all sort of costumes and gowns and other accoutrements.

The game had everything from macho blokes fulfilling their fantasies by dressing up in women’s costumes to various superheroes and villains and there were numerous battles going on all over the field involving Batman v Robin, Superman v Spiderman, the dark lord himself Darth Vader v King Kong, Groovy Hippies v Santa Clause, Smurfette v Wonder Women, Prince Sheiks v Overweight Ladies, 118 v Nifty 50, American Footballers v The Stig, Celebrity Chefs v Jason and will definitely rank up there as an unforgettable spectacle!

On the sound of the final whistle there was some confusion and speculation on which team actual won but the match official, Sean Rooney, declared the final result a draw and so folks we can all look forward to another exciting and entertaining re-match sometime in the future! Many thanks to all the participants for giving us a wonderful evening’s craic and proves that you can take a regular game of football and turn it into something special. Well done everybody.

To view a selection of photographs please click the link below.

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To view a short clip of the game please click the link below.

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