CPR Training – Save a Life.

Rockcorry Community CPR is a new group within the parish set up with the aim of training members of our locality the lifesaving skill of C.P.R. Lives are saved everyday through initiatives like these and it’s wonderful to see a group of people showing an interest and raising an awareness of this life saving skill. Being able to recognize an emergency and being able to apply the lifesaving skill can save a life. If any individual is interested in learning this skill or if any individual that would like to do a refreshers course then they would be delighted to hear from you.

Please contact any of the following members for further information: Sharon Fox 086-6022919, Linda Moore 086-8252344 or Myrtle Kennedy 086-3234500. In addition, they are currently running an Easter fund-raiser and quiz sheets are circulating now or can be purchased in Coyle’s Service Station.