Club Crest

In 2004 the Management Committee decided to design a club crest. For this to be a success a crest needed to depict past historicaal events which have helped shape our community and club alike.

The club decided to hold a competition for people within the parish to design a crest they felt would represent the club. There was a good response with many contrasting designs sent in. From these four were chosen to be judged. These were received from Michael Carroll, Kyle Rooney, Anthony Tate and Noleen Fitzpatrick.

For the final independent decision four people were contacted to judge each crest. They were Peter McKenna, Brian McDonald, Pauric Duffy and Sean McCague. After a close contest the crest chosen was that created by Kyle Rooney.


The deer’s head represents Dartry, the top end of the parish, it is also where the club used to play their football and stands for speed and strength. The Old Mill represents the flax mill where linen was produced. It is a local landmark which would have supplied a lot of employment to the people of the village many years ago.

The Maple Leaf symbolises the Maple Ballroom which made Rockcorry well known throughout the country. The Gaelic Ball symbolises our gaeic tradition while the date on the ball represents the date when the club first affiliated. The Yellow at the bottom of the crest stands for yellow clay, the English translation of Buiochar. The writing within the clay is ‘Rockcorry’ wrote in gregg shorthand. Gregg was from Rockcorry and invented this type of writing which is now used all over the world.