The purpose of these Regulations is to provide for the safe and good conduct of Championship games (Senior, Intermediate, Junior and Minor Football and Senior and Minor Hurling) under the control of the An Coiste Chontae. They are to ensure order and proper presentation both on and off the pitch.


 The “Committee in Charge” for the monitoring and application of these Regulations, including the imposition of any penalties shall be An Coiste Cheannais na gComórtaisí (herein after referred to as CCC). CCC shall appoint Monitors to report on the compliance or otherwise with these Regulations.


An Coiste Bainistí shall appoint an Event Controller at each venue. The functions of the Event Controller shall be:

  • To oversee and direct the work of all stewards.
  • To recruit stewards as necessary, in conjunction with members of CCC and An Coiste Bainistí.
  • To liaise with An Garda Síochána and other Statutory Bodies as appropriate.
  • To be responsible for the proper management of the match event, with the exception of the field of play and matters under the jurisdiction of the Referee or the County Referees’ Administrator.

 The CCC shall appoint a Field Steward whose function shall be to report any breaches of these Regulations which may come to his attention to CCC for inclusion in the monitoring report for a game.


 The selection of venues for Championship games is a matter for the CCC having due regard for the following:

 (i)                 Games may only be fixed for pitches whose size conforms to maximum and minimum requirements of the Official Guide.

(ii)               In the case of “Double Headers” there must be four proper and suitable dressing rooms available.

(iii)             There must be adequate and hygienic Referees’ Room, subject to inspection by the County Referees’ Committee.

(iv)             There must be appropriate Press Facilities.

(v)               Facilities for Refreshments for Stewards and Referee, Umpires and Linesmen. Refreshments shall be provided by the Host Club.

(vi)             There must be adequate security for Patrons, Officials and Players. A game may not be fixed for a venue which does not have direct access from Dressing Rooms to pitch.

(vii)           Agreement of the Host Club to provide at least 10 stewards.  

(viii)         Club Lotto and Ticket sales are not allowed inside grounds during Championship games.

 In the event of a pitch being unplayable the following procedures shall apply:  A duly authorised member of CCC, the appointed Referee, Cathaoirleach and Runai An Choiste Chontae shall have the authority to call off, or to transfer venue, of a game following an pitch inspection. 


 Each Club shall submit, to An Oifigeach Caidreamh Poiblí, a team sheet for publication in the Official Match Programme. This team sheet must be submitted 5 days before prior to the game. PENALTY: Fine of €50.

 All players shall wear the Jersey Number in accordance with the Official Programme. Any derogation from Regulation 7, because of exceptional circumstances, must be notified to a member of C.C.C. by the Club Secretary not later than 10 minutes before the commencement of the game. PENALTY: Fine of €50 per breach.


Clubs must have an official present at venue prior to the arrival of any of his club’s players or officials to receive and administer Club Passes. PENALTY: Fine €100.

 PRESENTATION – Colours, Attire etc:

 In event of a Parade, both teams shall line up and march in numerical order (led by the captain) behind the Band. PENALTY per breach: €50

 Team shall be attired in its registered official colours. In the event of clash of colours, both teams shall change. The onus for the organisation of such changes lies with the clubs. PENALTY: Fine €200

 Each team shall be given 5 bibs by the Field Steward prior to the game. One shall be worn by the Manager/Mentor, one by the Maor Foirne and one by the First Aid person. The other two bibs shall be worn by the water carriers. A recognisable Physio bib will suffice in lieu of First Aid bib.  PENALTY: €50.


 A team shall take the field not later than 10 minutes before the appointed starting time in all championship games. PENALTY Fine €20 for every five minutes or part thereof.


 The maximum number of players per Club (including injured players) admitted to the Playing Enclosure is thirty five. PENALTY: Fine of €50.

 (i) Each competing team shall be allowed a maximum of 8 Officials (including Medical Personnel and two Water Carriers) into the Playing Enclosure.

(ii) Water Carriers must be over 18 years of age.

(iii) Water Carriers to be stationed at 45metre line diagonal from each other.

(iv) Water Carriers are not permitted to enter field of play.

(v) Water Carriers, in breach of this regulation, may be excluded from the pitch enclosure for the next championship game involving his club

(vi) Players, Selectors and Maor Foirne are not allowed to act as water carriers.

(vii) The Maor Foirne (who must be a selector) may enter the field of play only during a break in play via the Substitution Zone.

(viii) No person other than a togged out player may be admitted to the enclosure without a ticket of Authorisation dated for the day of the game and authorised by An Runaí Chontae. These tickets shall be retained by the Steward in charge of the Dressing Rooms Area.

 Any Club found to be in breach of this regulation shall incur a PENALTY of €100 per breach.

 Suspended players are not permitted to enter Playing Enclosure – PENALTY: Fine €100.

 Children are not permitted to enter playing enclosure while game is in progress– PENALTY: Fine €100.

 No one shall be permitted to the Playing Enclosure without the permission of the Event Controller. Areas may be reserved for Sponsors and their guests, for Older People who may require seating and for people with disabilities. There shall be a steward in charge of this area.

 Access for Patrons to the pitch after the game shall be allowed at the discretion of the Event Controller.


 The National Anthem shall be played at all Championship games. All players and officials shall show due respect to the Anthem.


All Substitutes and Officials shall remain in the Dugout – with the following exceptions:

    (i) Team Managers -who may not cross sideline unless authorised by the Referee. Team

      Managers or Mentors in constant breach of this regulation shall be excluded from the pitch 

      enclosure and surrounding area for next championship game involving his club.

      (ii) A substitute who is called to warm up – maximum of 3 at any one time – PENALTY €50

      per breach.

      (iii) A substitute who is entering or leaving the field of play in accordance with the Rules of

      Control. Once a player has left the field of play, he must go to the dugout.

      (iv) Medical person who may leave the dugout and enter the pitch to treat an Injured Player.

The Field Steward shall appoint a Steward to supervise each Dug Out.


Substitutions must be made in accordance with the Rules of Control – T.O.


 The Half Time Interval shall be 10 minutes – T.O.


 In the case of Championship Finals the Trophy shall be presented to the winning team captain by Cathaoirleach An Choiste Chontae, or by another officer of  An Choiste Chontae, nominated by An Cathaoirleach.  

 Where an Award is presented for ‘Man of the Match’ the County Secretary, or another officer

nominated by the secretary, shall introduce and announce the award which shall then be   presented by the Sponsor of the Championship concerned.

 Where a Double Header includes two finals, patrons may not enter the enclosure during the presentation of the trophy after the first final.


 The maximum cumulative total of fines on any club for breaches of these Regulations in any one Championship Game shall be €300.


 The Public Relations & Marketing Committee shall organise in conjunction with the Host Club to have a Public Address System available for use.

 It shall be the responsibility of the County Referees’ Committee and the Referees’ Administrator to ensure the supply of equipment for Referee/Substitution Notification.


 An Coiste Chontae, through the CCC, shall organise to have Championship Games recorded by DVD. These DVD’s shall be copyright of Monaghan County Committee, Gaelic Athletic Association.

 The CCC has the right to withhold the release of a DVD if circumstances so dictate that an

 Investigation maybe necessary or that matters pertaining to the game have arisen in the Referee’s Report or in the event that other grave matters have arisen.

 Each competing team shall be entitled to a copy of the DVD of each Championship game in which they play. A fee shall be agreed by An Coiste Chontae for the DVDs.

 The Code of Practice in relation to the use of DVD of Games, as adopted from time to time by Ard Comhairle, shall apply and penalties prescribed therein shall be deemed to apply for breaches.