The Annual General meeting of the club was held on Thursday 2nd December. The secretary’s report was presented by Paul McKeown and Martina McKeown presented the juvenile report. Both reports gave a detailed account of all the events and achievements of our club during the last year. To view a copy of the reports please click the link below.

Tina Rooney presented the financial report which again was very detailed and gave an item by item report of our income and expenditure over the year.

During the chairman’s address Jimmy McGeough reflected on the teams achievements throughout the year. He highlighted that at the beginning of the year we entered the Ulster league competition and while we did not win any games it was nevertheless a useful exercise. He reported that the senior team retained their intermediate league status at a fairly early stage last year and while they showed plenty of potential it was very disappointing to lose the championship semi-final against Tyholland and they came agonisingly close to qualifying for a semi-final position in the league campaign. He thanked the senior team management of Tom Daly, Cormac McFadden and David McGregor for their work and achievements with the senior team. He pointed out that the year ahead will present many challenges for our senior  team and wished the newly appointed team management of Cormac McFadden, David McGregor and Mickey Conlon the very best in their endeavours to bring success to the club.

He congratulated the reserve team who captured the division 4 league title with a wonderful, gusty performance against Toome in the final. He complimented all the players for their efforts, the team management of Anthony Tate, Pauric Carroll and Garry Calvert for their time and energy.

He thanked all underage mentors in recognition of the immense voluntary commitment of time and effort they devoted to promote and nurture our games at the grass root level. He commented on the disappointment of losing both the minor league and championship finals, in particular the league final and the disgraceful circumstances surrounding the outcome! What happened that night was wrong and left the lads devastated and this type of thing should not happen to young players but he hoped that the players will learn from this experience and come back stronger and more determined next year.

He highlighted the challenges facing our juvenile teams, in particular the small number of players to choose from and the need for the club to do some creative thinking to keep this part of the club strong. He paid tribute to the under 8 and under 10 mentors for their work over the year and wished them the best for next year. He thanked Martina McKeown for administering the juvenile affairs of the club.

Regarding the financial affairs he thanked the members who sell the Top 4 lotto and appealed to club members for a greater need to participant and help out with the raising funds. He thanked Bridie & Aidan Sheridan, Noreen Calvert and Mickey Friary who continue to make an invaluable contribution towards the club with their efforts. He stressed that the Ireland we are living in today is totally changed from the ‘Celtic Tiger’ days and we need to keep a very close eye on all expenditure and income. He pointed out that the money needed to keep a club going is huge and indicated his intention to appoint a finance committee to look after the financial affairs of the club. He thanked club treasurer Tina Rooney who looked after the finance with great integrity.

Finally he thanked the following people:-

  • Club secretary Paul McKeown for his work and assistance during the year.
  • Our gate man Mickey Friary for his unselfish work in carrying out a demanding job.
  • Tom Daly for organizing the traditional hay festival weekend
  • Cormac McFadden for managing the bar during our fund raising nights
  • Anthony Clerkin for lining out the field
  • Anthony Tate & Nicky Calvert for continuing to represent the club at refereeing.
  • Sean Rooney for his work associated with the auction
  • Club sponsors for their generous sponsorship over the years and looked forward to their continued support
  • Hughie Carroll for maintaining our facilities
  • He congratulated all those who got married, engaged or had additions to the family during the year. 
  • He extended his deepest sympathy to all club members who suffered bereavements during the year in particular to the Carroll and McKeown families. 

He concluded by saying that the future of the club is in our hands and if we all work together the club has a bright future.

 The election of officers was as follows; 

President Canon G. Ferguson

Chairman: Jimmy McGeough

Vice Chairman:  Cormac McFadden

Secretary:  Martina McKeown

Assistant Secretary:  Paul McKeown

Treasurer:  Tina Rooney

Assistant Treasurer:  Mark Daly

PRO: Michael Carroll

Players Representative:  Anthony Tate

Youth Officer: Pascal Smyth

Registrar: Pat Brannigan

Committee Members Sean Rooney,  Ben Duffy, Tom Daly, Hugh McGuirk, Pheobe Carroll, Ollie McQuillan.

The following positions were not filled Irish & Cultural Officer, ASAP Officer and will be appointed in the new year.