Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention

The ASAP (Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention) Programme is a joint venture by the GAA and the Health Service Executive. The aim of the programme is to reduce the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs. The programme forms part of the GAA’s attempts to tackle what has unfortunately become an ever more obvious problem in our society.

In order to respond effectively to drug and alcohol related problems every club must develop a Drug and Alcohol Policy that is appropriate to their local area. To successfully complete this undertaking it was essential that we appointed an ASAP Officer who will work under the guidance of the ASAP County Board Officer (Cathal Hand).

Brian Carroll was recently appointed our ASAP Officer and along with the management committee have developed a Drug and Alcohol Policy and will distribute copies of this policy at our Registration night which will be held tomorrow evening, Thursday 6th March in St. Mary’s Hall at 6.30pm.

To view a copy of this document please click the following link:-

Many of the suggestions contained in the policy are very simple and can be implemented easily and immediately. These include the following:

  • Following a final, the cup shall not be filled with alcohol during celebrations.
  • Coaches and Club Officials shall not smoke or drink alcohol while representing their club at matches or training sessions.
  • Cigarettes shall not be sold in the clubhouse.
  • Medal ceremonies shall not be held in pubs.
  • Under 18?s shall not be brought to pubs on the way home from matches, outings or training sessions.
  • Alcohol shall not be served at functions for players aged under 18 years of age.
  • Alcohol advertisements shall be phased out on club jerseys.

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